Zone 3 Zone3 Vanquish Elite Women's Wetsuit - Pink - womens - X Small

Zone3 Vanquish Elite Women's Wetsuit Utilising some of the world's highest performance materials, alongside thoroughly researched panel designs, the Vanquish Wetsuit is the fastest and most comfortable wetsuit on the market. Loved by thousands of amateur and professional triathletes, it's one you can truly rely on. The Vanquish Wetsuit is a top running wetsuit, winning multiple awards due to the excellent qualities and technologies running through the construction. Utilising 1.5mm thick Yamamoto BRS SCS, the world's thinnest SCS neoprene, which works to reduce the weight and buoyancy of the arms. This, therefore, allows a quicker stroke recovery after the catch phase, as well as, reduces arm fatigue when swimming. This particular fabric is perfect for swims of 1.5km or more. Additionally, NBR materials are also present, a buoyant fabric most commonly used in life jackets. This is present between two layers of neoprene, therefore providing extra support in the water when the hips start to drop. Helping to support the core leg muscles, the swimsuit has Aerodome materials used on the front legs. This is designed with air bubbles built between the layers of the fabric to make it feel lighter and more buoyant. The fabrics produce up to 30% more buoyancy than your conventional neoprene. Additionally, an impressive 39 cell SCS neoprene has been used on the glutes and enhances your performance in all areas. A silk-fit inner also features on the body and legs of the suit providing comfort against your skin, helping to prevent irritation during intense movement. The neoprene enhances performance such as; speed due to the SCS nano-coating applied, therefore creating almost zero drag through the water, compared to that of 4.0 for regular neoprene wetsuits. Flexibility is enhanced, as the wetsuit has a massive 480-580% in elongation, for superior flexibility and comfort. This means the expansion of the fabrics is at least 7 times more than conventional wetsuit materials. Not only this but the garment has a skin-like fit for total comfort and fewer distractions. The wetsuit has excellent properties to keep you feeling warm, no matter how cold the water gets, whilst also helping to reduce body fatigue and improve performance. Not only this, but the neoprene fabrics are environmentally friendly due to the use of limestone rather than oil. The swimsuit has an ultra-thin laser bonded neck panel and an innovative new 1.5mm moulded collar for comfortable wearing alongside a YKK zipper with a zip pull extender that allows you to take it on and off with ease. The Vanquish also uses Zone3's trademark Pro Speed Cuffs on the arms and the legs, ensuring the garment remains comfortable and in place. Finally, reflective details, enhance your visibility when in the water. All of these exceptional technologies and details come together to create the perfect swimsuit for a pleasurable, performance-based experience.

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